What to do on Pelee Island while staying at The Book House

Pelee Island Winery glass with books

PELEE ISLAND WINERY PAVILION is the oldest estate winery in Canada, The Wine Pavilion operates from mid-May until mid-October, offering tastings, tours, and live weekend entertainment in the wine garden. Call (519) 724-2469 or visit for more information.
boats at Scudder Marina at Pelee Island

Sandy beaches, fishing, boating, and diving are all available at SCUDDER MARINA.  Located in the North Bay of Pelee Island, there are docks, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, BBQ’s, and an open air gazebo. Pets are welcome, and ice, hats, and snacks are available. Open daily through the summer season. Call 519-724-2377 for more information.

Historic lighthouse on Pelee Island
The Southern most inhabited location in Canada is at LIGHTHOUSE POINT, where you will find the restored 1833 lighthouse that guided sailors though the Pelee passage.

Birds at Pelee Island Nature Reserve

FISH POINT NATURE RESERVE is one of nature reserves on Pelee Island that provide habitat for species of plants and animals unique in Ontario, such as the Prickly Pear Cactus, Black Crowned Night Heron, Blue Racer Snake, Lake Erie Water Snake, and the Eastern spiny sift-shelled turtle. There are 31 provincially rare and 19 regionally rare plant species are located in the reserves. Due to the Southern location of Pelee Island, migratory birds and butterflies migrate through in the spring and fall. 

Historic cemetery at Pelee Island

PELEE ISLAND HERITAGE CENTRE collects and preserves the unique history of the island. Learn about the arrival of the Europeans, the battle of Pelee Island, commercial fishing, the wine industry, Prohibition, shipwrecks, and local lighthouses. Find out more at